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Today we CELEBRATE!!!

Thank you for takin’ a chance and jumpin’ into my world!!! I’m so PUMPED to have you here and look forward to a long journey of self-discovery together. 

Hi!  I’m Michele Jamison, National Transformation Champion, Certified Sports Nutrition Coach, Personal Trainer, Body Transformation Specialist, Nutrition, Fitness & LifeStyle Mentor and LifeStyle Blogger.  I’m passionate about educating and empowering people to make a lifestyle change on a successful Transformation journey.

you-have-to-start-to-be-greatAre you ready to TAKE ACTION?  My mission is to “Empower You To Create Positive Change“.  Positive change in your Nutrition, Fitness, LifeStyle, Attitude, and your Health.  At the end of the day, it’s all connected.

I’m excited not only to educate you in making better choices in your food, fitness, and day to day living, but I hope you will pass it on.  For me there is truly nothing better than experiencing someone’s “a-ha“ moment and watching them soar!

And, if you follow me on Social Media, you will find that I reach out to people asking the same questions.  I do my best to provide answers to sustainable weight loss; answers to fighting disease by making healthier choices; answers to Designing Their Life and Living to their Full Potential.  People celebrating weight loss victories, increasing their self-esteem and gaining self-confidence to step out of their comfort zone and achieve their heart’s desire.  If you’ve never heard it before, let me be the first to tell you….”you become like the 5 people you hang around the most”.  Choose wisely.

Are you sick & tired of being sick & tired?  I remember it well.  My motto came to me one day at the beginning of my own transformation while driving and I had to pull over and write it down because it was so powerful and SO LOUD in my head.  “When what you want is more important than what you are willing to give up, you will succeed” ~ Michele Jamison

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Take my hand and let’s open this up!!   I believe in awakening the sleeping giant inside you.  I believe in helping you “Design Your Life So You Can Live To Your Full Potential“.  So my question to you is….“Are You Ready?“

I’m looking forward to our future together so get connected!!  Get Connected to me….Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest & Instagram – yeah, I’m all over the place.  So whatever your favorite is, be sure to like & follow!!

I want to help you overcome your fears, break belief barriers and work with you at a level of new challenge without stripping you of your self-confidence to move forward and experience Victory, for good!

Whether you are starting from ground zero and need help with weight loss or designing a road map to living your dream  life, I’m sure there’s a program that we can fit just for you.  From my Monthly Group to Nutrition Only! Coaching or a complete life overhaul with Life Design by Mj.  Let’s put together your your game plan,  I’m ready when you are….

Thank you for stopping by. Have an awesome day….