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what begins in fear blog image– “whatever we fear, if we do not confront and resolve it, the fear wins!”


I write & speak from my heart.  In my coaching, I work with people searching for the answer to a more positive, productive life achieving their heart’s desire from a weight loss quest or career move to relationships & financial stability.  There isn’t a single day that goes by that I am not addressing the same issues with everyone I communicate with.  If I didn’t practice confidentiality – you would be shocked and amazed at how many people around you each day, struggle with the exact same issues that plague you. 

I have wanted to start sharing the hearts of many for quite some time.  Today I begin a new blog series entitled, “Letters From The Darkness”, where I can share the common denominators I help people face & conquer on a daily basis.  I want to share the hearts of the many along with my own battles with weight loss, self image, self sabotage & negative self-talk.  In this blog series, I will share the pain of suffering as well as the steps to rise above in hopes that you will be able to relate and feel a safe place to take my hand.

Let’s begin.  I recently received a letter from a lady and it’s not unlike the numerous received over the years since my own Transformation.  My heart aches as I read the many pages of someone pouring their heart out to me, reaching through the internet for help.  When someone reaches out to me, it usually starts out like this –”I’ve been planning to write to you for the past couple of weeks but something kept getting in the way. 

something kept text

I could lie to myself and give you a bunch of excuses about how the various things in life got in the way, but the truth is, I think it is really fear that kept me from writing sooner.  You may be wondering why I am sending this long note rather than simply picking up the phone and calling.  You see, I think I sometimes express myself better in writing than I do in person.  So I decided to write to you instead”.

I know many of you just had a ‘moment of relief’ run through you because you read that & said, “OMG!, that’s how I feel!”

OMG thats how i feel text

She goes on to tell me about the amazing people in her life, her wonderful job and her awesome life, but she can’t figure out why she’s so unhappy.  She’s at her heaviest & can’t look in the mirror without disgust – her self-talk is so destructive sending her self-esteem to rock bottom.  She is so ashamed of herself.

she is so ashamed text

She continues to list all the different things she’s tried from HCG to cutting out carbs all together – all with short-term success, but then, as she puts it… “but like so many others, I’ve regained the weight and then some.” 

The first thing that popped out at me was that dreaded 4-letter word.  FEAR.  Fear will keep you in bondage.  Bound to negative self talk.  Bound to unhealthy relationships.  Bound to poor food choices to satisfy a broken heart.  It’s not until you become discontent with this bondage that you will seek out true change.  Remaining in your so-called safe comfort zone is a place of average. It’s your security blanket.  And Security and Success do not occupy the same space.

that dreaded text

Most people can only stay average for a limited amount of time.  It’s like treading water.  Treading water is better than drowning but you can only tread water for so long before you go under for the last time. – You soon reach the point where you sink or swim.

Dissatisfaction motivates us to make all kinds of changes.  In the face of temptation, good old fashioned desire just isn’t enough to sustain you through the tough times.  It’s easy to say “I want this” or “I want that”, but do you want it badly enough to develop the daily self discipline to obtain it?

This is where I come in.

Until a person is dissatisfied with where they are, they won’t step out of their comfort zone.  It’s only when we’re stretched outside of our comfort zone that we grow.  When you write me a letter sharing your most intimate thoughts about yourself & your situation – you are dissatisfied and stepping out of your comfort zone, reaching out to a stranger crying out for help.  I only wish you knew how many cry like you…and I’ve led the list.

I cry with you text 

I cry with you.  I hear you.  My arms are open – My shoulder is ready, strong & steady.

You are standing at the edge of the ‘Canyon Of Hope’ & I’m telling you to jump cuz I will catch you! 

Some do.  Many don’t.  Many walk away from the edge never to be heard from again.  Fear wins.

– “whatever we fear, if we do not confront and resolve it, the fear wins”.

whatever we fear text 

Some are so afraid of success that they never get started – after all, what if they actually achieve their goal – how will they keep it?  The mind takes over and reminds you of all your past failed attempts.  Or they find an excuse like money.  This is a big one….afraid to spend the money to get the coaching needed to be successful, yet when asked to track what you spend money on right now that is a waste and not in alignment with your goals, avoidance behavior is practiced.  Fear wins.

 Does any of this sound familiar?

As long as we stay content in our comfort zone, not only are we not going to grow, but we’re going to become average and average is not a good word!

 So, where do we go from here?

 A mantra I daily repeat is “You can’t fix it if you don’t face it” I refuse to live in FEAR!  And if I can empower you to do the same we are on to something!!  I encourage you to Adopt these 4 tips to begin your journey to victory

  • don’t settle for less out of fear
  • don’t lower your sights because you’re afraid you won’t reach your goals
  • don’t refuse to commit yourself just because you think if you don’t make it you’ll be embarrassed
  • If you can think it, you can achieve it

Taking that step to move away from Fear means you are going to move forward which puts you out front of the others – Fear loses, my friend.  Being out front is always risky, but unless you’re the lead dog, the scenery never changes.  In order to see the beauty, you have to be out front.

As always, I invite you to ‘take my hand’we will work from the inside out to unleash the most amazing life yet to be experienced and your story will be told.  My coaching is just a short step away…it could be life-changing.

i believe

Have an amazing day…


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