Hi! I'm Michele Jamison.

I'm thrilled you're here - because we're a lot alike, you and me. We're both striving to feel better on the inside as well as on the outside to create a life we love.

My unstoppable, optimistic attitude paired with my unshakable, iron-willed belief that anything is possible, is what sets me apart providing a solid foundation in all that I do and the integrity I stand for.

So what do I do?  

Well, my friend, I help people just like you lose weight and transform your life so that; you can begin to restore your self-confidence, rebuild your self-esteem to face the mirror again and live to your full potential.

If you ever thought there was no hope, stop thinking that right now.

I invite you to settle in and allow me to share who I am, how I got here and why YOU are my mission.


What Matters To Me

+ I grew up surrounded by a strong work ethic, resilient young parents who taught me how to dig in and work hard for what you want even when times are difficult.  Their example shaped me in my life as a professional, a mother, a grandmother, environmental activist, and feminist.

+ The value of honesty, integrity, decency, and respect is central to my life.

+ I am a domestic violence survivor.

+ I have been a long time advocate of encouraging women to daily work on themselves.

+ Centering around the understanding that you can replace any victim mentality inside you with empowerment and transform your inner critic into a supportive inner coach! - Because Self-Confidence Is A Habit.

+ I live in the Great Pacific Northwest surrounded by the sea and mountains on Whidbey Island in Washington State. I have one deceased daughter; two living daughters in their twenties & thirties; 2 amazing growing grandsons; beloved parents in their seventies; a large extended family; and a circle of lifelong friends who make me a better coach as we travel through our myriad life transitions together.


My Mission

I'm passionate about teaching individuals to implement strategies that align their lives to hit the target.  Educating and empowering you to make a lifestyle change on a successful transformation journey. 

When you can learn and implement self-improvement skills that build your self-confidence and strengthen your damaged self-esteem it will empower you to design your life and live to your full potential.

My mission is to equip you with those skills of focused concentrated effort in goal setting, achieving little victories along the way, so you can finally experience your own VICTORY WIN!!


Professional Background

I bring to you an extensive background in leadership and goal achievement training, women empowerment, behavioral weight management, life and body transformation strategies, and proven tools for navigating the uncertainty of a life transition. Here’s a sampling of my professional background:

+ Senior Sales Director @ Mary Kay Incorporated

+ Fabulous 50's Director

+ Super-Achiever Director leading 32 US Geographical Areas

+ National Rookie-Of-The Year

+ National "Miss Go-Give"

+ National #1 Director

+ National Body Transformation Champion (3000 contestants)

+ Certified Nutritionist

+ Body Transformation Specialist Personal Trainer

+ Co-Owner & CEO #1 Training and Transformation Center

+ Creator & CEO Body By Mj

+ LifeStyle Coach

+ Trainer & Coach to Multiple Top 10 Transformation Contest Winners

+ Have Designed and Facilitated Numerous Workshops for female entrepreneurs, as well as weight loss and wellness implementation strategies

+ Published articles in Personal Trainer Magazine, Radish Healthy Living Magazine, Dispatch Argus, Quad City Times, and Max Muscle Sports Nutrition Magazine

+ Media attention on KWQC News 6 and Paula Sands Live


I don't expect anyone to do something I haven't already done myself.



Not sure what's your best first step?  Let's talk!

Start with a complimentary 30-minute strategy session to answer your questions and discover how we might work together. I encourage you to take advantage of this opportunity to see if coaching might be right for you.