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Get access to a Monthly Membership Program that will give you concrete, easy-to-follow guidelines that actually make a difference.

What to Eat.  How to Workout.  Mindset Guidance.  Everything you need to stay motivated

You don't need to be overwhelmed with too many food choices, complicated meal plans, boring workouts, lack of motivation and all things that distract and derail you from losing weight.

You don't have to spend a ton of money hiring a personal trainer to workout.

You don't have to seek out an expensive nutritionist to eat right and get results.

You NEED a proven solution that tells you exactly what to eat each day.

You NEED  an easy to follow system for staying on track every day without deprivation.

You see, weight loss is not about working out harder.  It's about eating smarter, following an easy plan-of-action, embracing a support system and feeding your mindset positively to achieve the results you dream about.

It's time to streamline and simplify your efforts to make a BIG impact in the shortest amount of time.



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Body By Mj Gold is a total game changer in your weight loss quest!
With your membership, you will get access to a members area where you have easy access to all the content, tools, and training you need.

Each month new Mindset Lessons are added to the Transformation Center to give you a fresh perspective on your journey.
This means you get new material to keep you pushing forward toward your victory WIN!

The Tools & Resources tell you what to do EVERY DAY

  • What to eat
  • How to workout each day
  • When to do cardio
  • How to plan & prepare
  • What to do to take control
  • When to celebrate



You’ll have access to The Transformation Center with all the tools & resources for a successful weight loss journey. 

You’ll get a plan-of-action that's easy to understand - easy to do.

  • Motivation & Inspiration in MJ Wired Mindset Lessons
  • Customized Nutrition Plan
  • Efficient workouts to achieve your goals
  • Powerful support to keep pushing forward

This is the most effective, stress-free weight loss program you will ever use.

The Mindset Lessons expand monthly so you always have fresh new motivation and thought-provoking insight to accompany you on your journey.


You’ll also have access to worksheets and trackers to keep you ORGANIZED and FOCUSED

These resources help you measure what's working, keep you focused on your monthly goals, and serve as a great resource to combat your worst inner critic.

Worksheets & Trackers include a Food, Fitness & Stats Tracker, Mindset Tracker, Weekly Plan Sheet,

Goal Planner,

Notes and More!


National Transformation Champion, Michele Jamison, has transformed countless warriors into the best shape of their lives. She spent several years developing a proven system for a wide range of clients and knows the essential keys for shedding fat, building lean muscle, increasing strength and endurance, and breaking through plateaus.

Inside The Transformation Center is your Tool Kit for success.  

Tools include Grocery Lists & Weekly Meal Plans specific to you and your Blood Type, Workouts targeted to you and your ability and mindset. 

After helping you visualize success and commit to change, we outline a completely new approach to weight loss. Body By Mj gives you the tools to look and feel your best ever!


Get-EXCLUSIVE access to Mj's Mindset Lessons and Podcasts training series!  

Retraining your brain to think positive, empowering thoughts guaranteeing weight loss success can be a challenging process, particularly for those of you who are not accustomed to being aware of your self-talk.  But we know you will love the results.  Why? Because changing your self-talk, or inner dialogue, not only feels empowering but is also the fuel that will drive this transformational journey.

You'll get audio & video training on the Power of Self Discipline, harnessing Self Motivation, Jump Start a New You, Nutrition & Fitness Roadblocks and much more.

All in one place. This training alone is worth the monthly payment.


Just to recap, you’ll get a plan-of-action that's easy to understand & easy to do with access to The Transformation Center, a one-stop-shop of all the tools and resources needed for a successful weight loss journey.  This is the most effective, stress-free weight loss program you will ever use.

You’ll get convenient Grocery Lists for easy planning as well as how to create Weekly Meal Plans for you and your family, all based on your blood type. 

You’ll get plenty of workout guidance.  Whether you workout at home, in the gym or outside, as a beginner or beginning again, there's a workout for you.  From body weight and resistance bands to a full gym, custom designed workouts with video instruction are strategically planned for progress. 

You’ll get instant access in the library of Tools & Resources of workable checklists, worksheets, trackers, guides and planners, that will equip you for positive change and keep you on top of your weight loss goals.  

You’ll get EXCLUSIVE access to Mj Wired.  A library of audio & video Mindset Lessons and Podcasts crafted to keep you focused on your goals.

This is a $975 value that you'll get for $79 a month.

Seriously, have you ever seen a better offer than this?



#1 INSTANT ACCESS-Private Group

Stay updated on the latest weight loss strategies, network with other members, celebrate achievements, share stories and support one other on your personal journeys to better health and weight loss victory!

#2 Private Coaching Call with MJ

You'll receive a 30 minute private coaching call with Mj each month!  One-On-One time to tackle obstacles, celebrate achievements and get the motivation to keep pushing forward. 

Value = $50

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-44 lbs  -37"

"This isn't a gimmick.  Body by MJ is so powerful!!  Mj is genuine and honest about the whole process!!  She will guide your journey with the tools and knowledge she provides so you can have your dream figure... but it is more than that!  Michele encourages and empowers you mentally as well.  Thank you MJ for helping me become stronger on the inside as well as on the outside!"

Keri R.

-56 1/2 lbs  -32 3/4" -20.8% body fat

"This is not a diet & exercise program it's a LIFESTYLE CHANGE.  It takes a combination of proper nutrition, weight training and cardio to see long-lasting results. Michele is always there to answer my questions.  Thank you so much for all of the support that you have given me.  I couldn’t have done it without you!"

Teresa B.

-18.9 lbs  -12 1/4"

"A trainer that makes the program work specifically for YOU.....that is what Michele Jamison does for her clients!"

Jenni J.

-31 1/2 lbs  -22 3/4" -13.1% body fat

"Michele understands where I am coming from (since she’s been there) and has helped me through those times of doubt and fear.  She is way more than just a nutrition coach & personal trainer!  She really cares and wants to see me succeed.  Thanks Michele!"

Sandy S.

-19 1/4 lbs  -18 3/4" -14.1% body fat

"After talking to Michele, I knew this is where I belonged. One of my favorite things….trying not to be emotional…when I would have a hard time, she never made me feel like it was something that was not expected and just kept encouraging me, and I knew even on my hard days, this is where I belonged. A big thing I’ve gained is self-confidence."

Tiffani W.

-- FAQ --

  • q-iconCan I cancel my membership?

    Of course. You can cancel any time. Please refer to our cancellation policy under Terms & Conditions for details. You can email to have us process your cancellation – or you can process your cancellation with your Credit Card by logging into your account.

  • q-iconWhat results will I get?

    We can’t guarantee any results because your results are highly dependent on your execution of the program. However, we know if you implement the strategies as outlined, you will see changes.

  • q-iconIs my personal information private?

    Absolutely. The information you provide, such as your name and address, is private and other members do not have access to this information. The information provided, such as your measurements, is only available to Mj for consultation and tracking with you personally.

    We do not use members photos, stats or personal information without consent, or unless members themselves have chosen to make them publicly available. We often publish information and photos about member’s transformation, but only after they have agreed that we do so. The Body By Mj website is private and secure and we take protecting your privacy and information very seriously.

  • q-iconDo I need to join a gym or get fitness equipment?

    No you do not need to join a gym to do the Exercise Plans. Most Exercise Plans have different Exercise Locations to choose from – Gym, At Home and Outdoors. While following the workouts, you can either follow the online Workout Videos for instruction (you will need to be logged onto the site to follow these as they are not downloadable) or you can follow the printed Exercise Plan, or a mix of both.

    Some Workouts require equipment, such as a resistance band and weights (you can use weighted drink bottles or a weighted backpack rather than dumbbells and a barbell) but you can also choose to do only the non-equipment based Workouts. We promise, there’s something for everyone meeting you where you’re at on your journey.

  • q-iconI don't have a credit card, how else can I pay?

    You can also pay by debit card (Visa or Mastercard).


  • Monthly Members-Cancel any time!
  • Your Month starts at the end of enrollment and your account will renew the following month using the date of enrollment as your start date. you must cancel your membership before it renews each month in order to avoid billing of the next month's membership fees to your payment method.
  • Take advantage of this low price offer while it's still available!

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