Welcome to the Body By Mj Signature Coaching Program from Michele Jamison, the Online Body Transformation Specialist who will help you lose weight and get the body of your dreams!

For the last 12 years, Michele Jamison has been helping men & women transform their bodies and their lives as a Body Transformation Specialist.  Now you can work directly with her too! 
As a Certified Nutritionist, Personal Trainer, and Online Diet, Fitness, and Health Coach, Michele Jamison will design Step-By-Step guidance on everything you need.  Strength training, nutrition, cardiovascular exercise, supplementation.  There's no guesswork. 

Best of all, you will be working directly with Michele, and she will build custom plans that take into account your unique needs and goals. 

The BODY BY MJ SIGNATURE COACHING PROGRAM is the perfect plan for anyone who is committed to starting the journey of Body Transformation.



Workouts designed to take your training to the next level and to help you get fit whether you train at home or a gym. I give you exactly what to do exercise-by-exercise, rep-by-rep. These workouts will be changed as you progress toward your goals and as your physique changes. We will bust through plateaus and take you to the best shape of your life!


Diet really is 80% of what it takes to really achieve a lean and fit body. With my Signature Coaching Program, I will create for you complete nutrition plans specifically customized to your needs. Calorie ranges, macronutrient breakdown, meal timing, all of the critical info so that your diet is perfectly aligned with your goals. And of course, that changes as your body changes!


It's not enough to be handed workout and diet plans if there is no accountability. With my online Signature Coaching program, you will literally be emailing with me all the time. I will be your #1 Fan, your biggest supporter and when you need it, the one that provides just the kick in the pants you need. I WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and it is my job to make sure that happens!


Throughout our online coaching journey, you will see some pretty incredible changes and we are going to document those with each step.   Every 2 weeks you will be weighing, and every 4 weeks you will be taking physical measurements and sending me photos.  (I am very strict on following these rules - no cheating by getting on the scale)Also at every 4 week interval we will be doing the BBMJ Fit Test which helps us understand some key measures of health and fitness.  Strength, flexibility, cardio endurance... all of the things you need to be healthy and fit on the inside too!


Once your training and nutrition are in great places, then supplements can make all the difference. Throughout our fitness training, I will provide for you real, no nonsense advice about the best supplements for results. Whether your goal is to lose weight, to gain muscle & strength, or both, you will get the advice you need. Don't waste your time and money on supplements and protein powder that you don't need!


I'm so proud and grateful to have had the privilege of being a part of so many amazing body transformations over the last 12 years helping them lose weight, gain muscle and get fit.  Since there is nothing is more motivating than to understand the path other people have taken to achieve long term transformation results you can check out the stories of those that I've worked with in my Testimonials section!

Positive Motivation & Support from a US National Body Transformation who's been where you're at and understands what it takes to achieve results.

I will be there for you every step of the way!

Initial 12 Weeks Investment – $1800

Each consecutive 4 week payment is only $500
**All renewal payments recur automatically** but you can cancel with 7 business days notice.

(payment plans are available)

Please complete the form below to inquire and check availability.


You'll tell me about yourself and your body transformation goals.
The Body By Mj Signature Coaching Program all begins with a simple email.  Fill out the form below and I will contact you for a deeper 
conversation about yourself and your long term body transformation/weight loss/fitness goals.  Before I become your online body transformation coach, I want to be sure we are a good match and to answer 100% of your questions.  Plus it helps me get to know you better!  Rest assured, you never have to make a payment before we talk over the phone!

Time to Talk!
Once we determine we can work together, I will take your payment and then send you some initial paperwork for you to fill out.  You'll complete the paperwork and send that back

I get to work on your programs!
Since everyone I work with is unique, I create training and nutrition programs that are specific to your body and your needs. Within 48-72 hours, I will send you off your first programs along with a ton of info... My BBMJ Online Training Handbook, my BBMJ Fitness Journal and the Progress Tracking sheet to start.  There is a lot of info as we first begin, but DON'T WORRY! You are working directly with me and I will be here to answer every question you have.

You work DIRECTLY with me!
That's right!  No assistants, no online apps... when you reach out I WILL BE THERE! 
To provide motivation and to keep you
accountable.  In my Signature Coaching program, I will show you exactly what to do to get results FAST.  No more guesswork about which exercises to do or what kind of diet you should follow.  Oh, and I WANT your feedback. I hope you are ready, because you and I are going to be a team.

This is sooo important!  If you choose to make me your Body Transformation Coach, I am going to hold you accountable.  Every 2 weeks you will weigh yourself and send me that number.  Every 4 weeks you will take measurements and send me photos that show your conditioning.  But most importantly, I want to hear how you are feeling, the things that are working for you and of course the things that are not working. We will compare those side by side to really understand how you are progressing.  I then take all of that info and make changes to your programs to keep us moving in the right direction.

Additionally, every month we will also complete the BBMJ Fit Test so I can see how your overall health and fitness are changing too.
Strength, flexibility, cardiovascular conditioning... all of those physical indicators to be sure you are getting fitter on the inside and not just hotter on the outside.

Are you ready to take the next step?

Initial 12 Weeks Investment – $1800

Each consecutive 4 week payment is only $500
**All renewal payments recur automatically** but you can cancel with 7 business days notice.

(payment plans are available)

Please complete the form below to inquire and check availability.


-31 1/2lbs | -23" | -13.1%bf

"I had reached a point where I was at my heaviest. Michele's positive attitude and gentle nudging keep me headed in the right direction...the results have been amazing! Michele understands where I am coming from (since she’s been there) and has helped me through those times of doubt and fear. She is way more than just a nutrition coach & personal trainer! She really cares and wants to see me succeed.  Thanks Michele!"

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I'm here to empower you to create positive change in your health, weight loss, nutrition, fitness, mindset, and lifestyle.