Welcome to another episode of The MJ SHOW podcast!

Today, I want to share 10 Quick & Simple Ways to improve your mood so you can Feel Better Fast!

As much as we want to feel happy and positive, uplifting and joyful, there are times when we simply feel flat. Or mad. Or sad. Or frustrated.

This episode is short, sweet, and to-the-point….just like I like it. I think all too often we get information overload and never take action. It doesn’t do any good to gain knowledge and fail to implement.

Give yourself permission to achieve greatness, and shift into feeling better fast.

What you’ll learn in this episode:

I’ll elaborate on focusing on the moment, losing control, transforming your complaints, kicking the worry habit, repeating an affirmation, appreciating something, rethinking bad memories, calling on love, counteracting negativity, and giving yourself permission.


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In this episode of The MJ Show, I want to help you shift into feeling better fast, and I’ve got 10 Quick & Simple Ways to do just that!

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So get on. Get Excited.

I’m so grateful for the generosity of your time, attention, and heart. More than you know.

With SO much love,





Michele Jamison
Michele Jamison

A National Body Transformation Champion, Certified Nutritionist, Body Transformation Specialist, Health & Life Coach, and CEO of Body By Mj. Michele will teach you how to shed excess body fat, get stronger, leaner, fitter, and break your own belief barriers so you can live your best life now. You will learn the step-by-step strategies she used to win a National Transformation Contest out of 3000 contestants and went on to build a coaching business repeating that success with one client after another worldwide.

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