Welcome to the first episode of the MJ Show podcast!

The first question and most requested answer from me is How To Kick The Sugar Habit.

So, here we go…..eat one M&M, and you have to run a mile to burn it off.

Eat the whole bag? …. you have to run 150 miles!… true or not, that statement from my bodybuilding coach, Rocky LeMarr, was powerful enough for me to not touch M&M’s again!

Funny thing is, my clients, have heard this statement time and time again from me, as well as hearing me repeatedly say, “you can’t out-exercise poor food choices” …

Listen, if you feel like you’ve hit a plateau in your weight loss efforts, you’re not alone. It’s not uncommon to lose several pounds and then suddenly find that those numbers on the scale have turned stubborn. They aren’t moving up, but they aren’t moving down either – in spite of your best efforts to be healthy.

When this happens it’s necessary to look for hidden sources of calories in your diet.


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In this first episode of The MJ Show, we take a deep dive into the #1 question that fills my inbox…. “How To Kick The Sugar Habit”.

We’ll ask the question Is sugar a toxic substance? Because I don’t think it’s a secret to anyone that the incidence of heart disease, diabetes, and cancer is higher than it has ever been and continues to rise. I hope at this point we can all agree that our diet and lifestyle directly correlate.

We’ll jump into what sugar’s effect is on the body? Uncovering the large impact on our liver and how the fat accumulation connected to it can lead to insulin resistance (type 2 diabetes).

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We’ll break down how sugar is processed in our bodies and where does it go once you consume it?

And of course, what about fruit?

Then to sum it all up, I share my Top 3 Tips for cutting down on sugar with my #1 Rule-of-Thumb that could be your game-changer today!

So to kick your sugar addiction, I’m sure you’ll find this episode chock full of take-action steps so you can implement immediately and begin to see some results.

None of this would be possible without you. I’m so grateful for the generosity of your time, attention, and heart. More than you know.

With SO much love,


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