The 10 DAY JUMP START is a fast and easy way to test the Blood Type Diet for yourself, while learning how to check for personal markers for success.  The 10 DAY JUMP START requires a serious level of dedication.  It means focusing on following the exact guidelines to give you a true measure of how this nutrition works for you.

I recommend as close to 100% compliance as possible.  Maximum compliance equals maximum effort.  That means consuming foods primarily from the HIGHLY BENEFICIAL lists, supplemented by healthful neutral foods.  In my experience, people who start this nutrition program with a high level of compliance quickly reset their biochemistry, boosting metabolism, balancing blood sugar, and repairing past lectin damage.  Most people who follow the 10 DAY JUMP START with a high degree of compliance can expect the following results:

*Weight loss between 1 and 5 pounds  *Decrease in stomach circumference

*Less bloating after meals  *Reduced joint pain  *Greater energy

*Reduction of digestive distress  *Improved elimination


Before You Begin...

  1. Know your blood type.
  2. Clear your cupboards and refrigerator and restock with beneficial foods and supplements.
  3. Plan an exercise schedule in advance - the 12 Week program in The Transformation Center is a great place to start.
  4. Join the conversation in The Inner Circle private facebook group for support, information and inspiration.

The 10 DAY JUMP START is divided into two parts:

DAYS 1-5: Lectin Detox and DAYS 6-10: Restoration and Balance



Start by choosing only those foods from your grocery list that are considered HIGHLY BENEFICIAL for your blood type.  By eating highly beneficial foods and taking supplements that are compatible with your blood type, you will be cleansing and detoxifying your body and allowing all your systems to function at their very best.  Purchase organic ingredients when possible and stick to buying whole foods, rather than processed foods from a box, bag, or can.  And remember, this is not a deprivation diet, so be sure to follow the recommended portion sizes and eat enough food each day.

Start the day with a tall glass of water with a squeeze of fresh lemon juice. {or add lemon juice to hot water in a mug like a cup of tea}.  Continue drinking water throughout the day.  Water promotes cell regeneration and helps cleanse the body.  Aim to drink 8 to 10 glasses of water per day.

Avoid being around harsh chemicals and steer clear of chemical cleansers - try vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda instead. {this is what I use to clean with regularly}  Not only are they better for you; they are better for the environment too.

Supplement your diet with lectin-detoxifying nutrients.  Suggestions are included with clickable links.

Be sure to keep a record of what you eat, your exercise routines, and the supplements you take.  Record your reflections on the journey as you begin so that you can track your progress and hold yourself accountable.  Make notes about how you feel physically, your energy levels, mood, and whatever else you want to record.  {there's an evaluation sheet provided}

At first, it can be a challenge to focus primarily on HIGHLY BENEFICIAL foods, but it will give you the purest form of your Blood Type Diet for the first five days.  The printables provide a sample detox day for each of the blood types to give you an idea of menus that maximize your Blood Type Diet.



The Restoration and Balance stage, which makes up the final five days of the jump start, is less restrictive and allows you to begin to incorporate selected neutral foods into your diet, providing variety.  However, continue to favor highly beneficial foods on your shopping list and completely eliminate the avoid foods from your diet. Choose your blood type sample day.