Are you ready to have that 1:1 support that you’ve been craving?

Is it time to get an expert’s eyes on your weight loss & wellness journey, instead of just feeling like you are constantly guessing?

Are you feeling like you're just 1 in a larger group program that doesn't give you that constant support you know you need to finally kick this in the pants??

As a nutritional consultant, weight loss and wellness strategist, I'm passionate about helping people overcome health challenges and reaching their goals.  Whether it's weight loss, improved digestion, or simply adapting better eating habits, I aim to support my clients as they work towards healthier, more balanced lives.

Because many things contribute to our overall wellbeing, there is no set template for optimal health.  Over the years, I've changed and adapted my diet and my habits in order to find balance, health and happiness.  In doing so, I've been able to eliminate body fat, allergies, reduce stress and anxiety, while drastically improving my sleeping habits.

In my coaching, I offer an integrative and comprehensive approach to nutrition focused on a whole foods diet and a balanced lifestyle.  The programs I design for my clients are personalized to meet their specific preferences, needs and health goals.

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Are you ready to make some positive changes in your diet and lifestyle, but you're not sure where to begin?  If you are looking to address a re-occurring or underlying health condition, lose weight, feel stronger & healthier, have more energy, improve digestion - you name it - I'm here to help!

When we work together, I will create a plan designed specifically for you. With a focus on balance, plant-based whole foods, and realistic and practical recommendations, your personalized plan will accommodate your likes, dislikes and health goals.



Preparing healthy food requires a healthy kitchen.  If you want to clean up your fridge and your pantry, but you have no idea where to begin, I'd love to help you!

Invite me over, and let me take a peek at your kitchen. (Video Chat also available!)

I will share my tips for choosing the best products and how to properly store food, plus offer ideas on how to stock your shelves with healthy, wholesome food.

I can also guide you with recipe and menu planning along the way!



I love wandering through grocery stores, health food stores and farmers' markets.

However, I know that not everybody feels the same way.  Shopping for food can be intimidating and daunting, but that doesn't have to be the case.  

I'm happy to join you when you do your shopping, teach you how to navigate the aisles, educate you on food, food labels and ingredients, answer any of your questions, and give you my tips and suggestions for choosing healthy foods.  Priceless.


Sandy Sievert

"I had reached a point where I was at my heaviest.  Michele's positive attitude and gentle nudging keep me headed in the right direction...the results have been amazing!! Michele understands where I am coming from (since she’s been there) and has helped me through those times of doubt and fear.  She is way more than just a nutrition coach & personal trainer!  She really cares and wants to see me succeed.  
Thanks Michele!"

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