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Struggling To Figure Out Pinterest?

Don’t have time to master Pinterest?  Do you want faster results?  I can build the strategy and prescribe the solutions for you.

Stop Wasting Time & Eliminate Your Pinterest Frustrations Quickly!

Think about the most successful people in sports and business. They all have something in common.  They use, or have used, a coach at some point in their careers.  They do this to improve their game, get feedback and beat their competition.

I was just on Pinterest and saw that beautiful video pin you made.  WOW!....Just wanted to tell you that those videos are wonderful.

Marjorie Vernelle

Let's Talk About What's Possible With Pinterest!

It is impossible to reach your next level of accomplishment if you keep doing what you’re doing.

Maybe you need help with:

> Figuring out which boards to keep

> Determining what & how many pins to put up

> Deciding what & how many types of boards to create

> Creating the right types of images for your products or services. This is critical because images are the starting point for connecting with the Pinterest audience

> Figuring out what your content is and if it's attracting the right target audience

> Implementing & using the correct keywords is essential to your success

The bottom line, there's no better or faster way to get your Pinterest problems solved and get on the right track than with a personalized one on one coaching session with a Pinterest for Business expert like Michele Jamison.


And create a plan to grow your business without leaving you feeling overwhelmed!


Purchase your 1.5 hour, one-on-one personalized coaching session, so we can tackle your most burning Pinterest marketing questions and maximize your efforts.

Email me a list of your questions ahead of time
I'll answer your questions via video call showing you exactly how to solve your problems while viewing your Pinterest account. You are welcome to record the video.
The investment is $297 for a 1.5 hour session. (I have a limited number of spots available each month)
To move forward with your personalized one-on-one coaching session, please purchase the service by using the button below.  Once you have completed payment, you will be notified, and I will contact you directly to collect all the pertinent information I require to deliver this service. 

Your Investment:  $297

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As a Pinterest Strategist, Etsy Administrator, and Small Business Coach, I help artists, authors, ecommerce business owners, consultants, coaches, bloggers, and more grow their online presence.  


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