I AM ENOUGH Reflection Journal, Dot Grid, 6×9 Softcover


I Am Enough Reflection Journal, Dot Grid, 6×9 Softcover Black Journal, Inspirational Journal Notebook. Take notes, write down your daily self worth affirmations or simply enjoy journaling with your new inspirational journal. The I Am Enough typography appears on every page as well as a prompt as a gentle reminder of your worth.


I. AM. The Strongest Affirmation….for what you put after it sets the intention and shapes your future.

In a world full of unmet expectations, constant comparison, and limited thinking, it’s time to practice reminding yourself regularly that you are enough. This reflection journal can help you strengthen your self-confidence, banish self-doubt, and encourage you to focus on your strengths. There’s simply nothing more powerful than writing your daily I Am Statements.

Start each day by writing 10 affirming “I Am” statements as prompted in this journal. Research has shown that what you think about you bring about
and affirming who you are, sets the intention and shapes your future in a positive way. Over time you will begin to build your self-confidence and strengthen your self-esteem.

This is not only a reflection journal but also an “inner healing guide”.
Included are examples to get your confidence fired up and your creative juices flowing.

This softcover 6×9 journal has 190 pages of soft grey dots to allow you to freely express your affirming statements to yourself.

By starting your day with affirming “I Am” statements you are aligning yourself into a positive flow of energy.
This positive flow will attract more positive energy into your life. By focusing on all that you should be grateful for, you are being mindful of looking for the good in every situation thereby increasing your levels of happiness.

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