The Scale Head Game

Over the years, a lot of people have asked me, what do you mean when you say “The Scale Head Game”?  

I have come to realize that most people don’t even think about the scale as a mental head game.  We as a society definitely despise the scale, the measuring tape, the body fat calipers or even shopping for new clothes but haven’t stopped to think about things in terms of the mental destruction.  Trust me, I get it!!

I have a question for you….

“WHY do you think some people achieve weight loss success while many others struggle year after year?”


Have you ever wondered this? I bet you have.  I would imagine it’s on your mind more than you are even truly aware of.  Stop for a moment and think about the game you play with the scale and how it does not serve you.  Let’s uncover and enlighten that thought process.


Ya know we all have a plethora of information available to us! In fact, because of the internet, it’s an overwhelming amount of information that can counteract every effort to lose weight.  Of course taking the time to research the information, sift through the B.S. and understand how the body actually uses food for fuel to your advantage, seems to be reserved for those of us with Nutrition credentials.  


But it doesn’t have to be that way.  At least not on the surface.  You can make some easy changes that will produce results in no time and ignite your attitude to march on.


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So you had a bad week. What started out as an on track plan to rock out a tight, lean body weighing 5 lbs less has crumbled in front of your eyes.

So you trained your butt off and ate so tight you were exhausted from chewing, the scale has the audacity to point out you have indeed gained 2lbs!

How is this possible? You refused the birthday cake at work, toted your cooler about like a good little girl and you took the confused looks from others who wonder why you enjoy your raw broccoli while they devour sticky donuts. You are one of the warriors, but your ego is shot as the scale rips out your heart.


Can you relate?  Can you feel it?


Every woman knows that scale moment.  Every woman has stood naked on the damn thing, risking her very soul to learn something she would prefer to leave in the vault. How much do I weigh? How much weight have I lost? What does that number mean? Am I fat? Am I skinny? It’s enough to make you run for the ice cream in the freezer and never look back.


In every part of life there are RULES… so to speak.  

If you want to play baseball, you have to know and play by the rules.  If you don’t, you’re out of the game.  


Not everyone will hit home runs like Sammy Sosa and Mark McGuire, but if you hang in there, have an overwhelming PASSION for the game, practice a lot and do what they did to train, who knows? You just might be a baseball superstar!  


You also must realize that there is not a big difference between success and failure.   The winner of the Kentucky Derby and 2nd place is only inches!  The gold medalist and 10th place, just a few points.


In the Weight Loss game, it’s just a choice to say “No” to unhealthy food and “Yes” to making exercise a priority.


There’s a big difference over a year in the person who workouts 3-5 times a week, and the person that workouts 3-5 times a week AND follows their nutrition to a “T”. The same amount of time is spent in the gym, but the results are very different.


It’s so important to change your thinking.  It’s NOT about working out harder!


There’s a balance to be found.  Harmony to be achieved.  It’s called a LifeStyle.


Need a starting point?  Check out The Motivation Workshop to learn how to achieve a state of mental and emotional balance, gain control of your body, your health, and your life, plus set realistic goals and take back control of your mind.



The sooner you play by the rules instead of trying to change them, the sooner you will be celebrating your victory.  

Daily Consistent Effort toward your food and fitness WILL yield the results you desire.


Let me introduce you to “THE DEAD ZONE” and encourage you to TAKE ACTION to stay out of it immediately….Stop checking the scale every day, or every other day, or every couple of days or even once a week!


This is the head-game and let me tell you why –

*If you eat too much sodium and retain water, it affects the scale.

*If you cheat on your nutrition too many times, it affects the scale.

*If you add muscle, it affects the scale.


I see it all too often, people jumpin’ on the scale all the time “because they feel thinner” and when it hasn’t changed, or it’s gone the wrong direction, the head games begin.  I’ve witnessed all too often the justifying why it’s ok to eat something, or why the diet they are on “just isn’t working”.  


Today, it’s time to STOP THE MADNESS!  Be honest with yourself, please! (It’s not working and there’s a reason for it.  It’s messin’ with your head.)

The scale may serve a purpose but I believe that purpose is to give us a little reality check once in awhile.


Daily weigh ins are for boxers and wrestlers. Who needs them? Now don’t misunderstand me, I believe 100% in tracking your stats to meet a goal, but it’s to be done consistently for recording purposes only.


Deciphering what your scale reading means in relation to what you are doing is what really matters. If you did eat clean and follow it up with heavy lifting you might indeed see your weight increase by 1 or 2 lbs.  A figure competitor might rejoice over that number because it means she put on muscle mass.


Take comfort in knowing that one pound of resting muscle has a far more hungry appetite for fuel than the same pound of resting fat.  I’ll take muscle over fat and weigh a bit more any day because I know how muscle shapes my body and kicks my metabolism into high gear.


The BEST WAY to be honest with yourself is to track your food for 4 days (good or bad).  I’ve had many clients, both online and face-to-face, prepare a food journal for my review by tracking for 4 days absolutely everything consumed both food and drink.  It’s the very best tool for me to see what’s going on.  In an instant, I can recognize and zero in on the problem areas to educate and provide answers, so we can get pointed in the right direction.  


With that said, I’m sure you’re wondering when you should weigh?  Well, my Number 1 RULE that gets results without the head games is:  


Now hear my heart, if you can’t be disciplined enough to stay away from your scale at home, throw it out!  Yes, I’m dead serious.  


Honestly, I’d rather my clients take measurements any day of the week than suffer through head games based on a number on a scale.


Let’s take this one step further.


If you know you have done your homework by eating clean and training and you feel and look thinner but the number on the scale doesn’t match, stop yourself from attending the pity party and try on your favorite jeans – you know, the ones you couldn’t fit into before. Chances are your shape has changed enough that you will notice a difference just by the way your clothes fit. Leave the rest to your new energy, the mirror, and your confidence.

Remember what I said about it’s not about working out harder, it’s about eating smarter?  


Over the years, I’ve watched women in gyms all across the country do the same thing over and over again, year after year, stepping on the scale every day either getting no results or getting heavier and step off frustrated with their head hanging low.  They continue to go to the same classes, never lift weights, still running on the treadmill or riding the bike, and most importantly, they never learn how to eat.  


This is pure insanity at it’s best.


Today, let’s stop the madness and adopt a new mindset.

Here are 7 Rules To Beat The Scale Head Game:


DEVELOP & CONTROL YOUR ATTITUDE.   This is a daily effort and a daily decision.  It’s not what happened to you, as much as what happens IN you!  Expect to win, expect the best, each and every day in your journey.  You may not actually win every single time you try to make the best choices, but you will a lot more than the person who doesn’t expect to.  Have a goal with a burning desire to reach it.  It makes a difference for your attitude!


DETOX YOUR FRIDGE & PANTRY.   If it’s going to cause you to fail, get rid of it.  Eliminate all foods that are not in alignment with your nutrition goals.  One of the biggest mistakes people make is justifying the foods in the fridge and pantry for their family when in all actuality they are the ones sneaking it.  Stop the insanity.  If you’re going to change, there must be change.   


RELOAD WITH NEW SOURCES.   It doesn’t have to be expensive, so don’t allow the thought that you have to have an overhaul stop you from success.  It really is exciting to see what can be created from so little.  Your wallet will thank you in the long run.


MOVE.   Make a date with yourself for exercise.  Even if it’s only a walk, learn to pat yourself on the back for every little accomplishment.  Add a day or two more, then add a minute a week.  Before you know it you will begin to love how you feel and be breaking your own belief barriers.


GET HELP.   Be wise enough to know that you don’t know it all.  Be eager enough to constantly want to learn more about yourself and this journey.  Accountability is critical.  Find the support to keep you going when things get tough.  With every Body By Mj Program, you get access to The Inner Circle private group!  It gives a dose of “two thumbs up” daily.  Once you realize you’ve never truly “arrived”, you will find that getting help ultimately helps you help someone else.   After all, we need each other.


THINK EXCELLENCE!  Use positive thoughts to propel you forward.  Cancel all negatives and refuse to accept negativity from anyone around you.  Use positive affirmations to let go of disappointments and frustration.  The faster you can move thru disappointment, the faster you will move toward your own personal success.


UNPLUG.   Successful people have a daily personal talk with themselves.  They put all communication devices on hold for a period of time each day and work on themselves.  They know the value of time unplugged.  They are masters at knowing what’s urgent and what’s important.  Reading, journaling, meditating, and relaxing are all forms of renewal in personal development.   They make personal development a top priority and get rid of things not in alignment with their priorities.


YOU can too!  It takes courage…

Remember, Champions dig deep inside for that courage.  

The game has begun, you know the rules, now let’s play it FULL OUT!!


Alright my friends, I hope this post helped you!  Thanks for being here.  Have a great day…



Got questions? Leave a comment! Let’s chat. 





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