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Fire up your metabolism with this kickstart guide by eating clean more often, and with proper ratios as well as implementing exercise based on your level of fitness. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner, been out of the loop as an intermediate, or need a new challenge if you are more of an advanced fitness buff. It's a simple layout with easy-to-follow workout and meal plans that can be easily rotated and repeated for continued success.

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An Instant Digital Download pdf eBook includes:

CARDIO PLAN: Beginner, Intermediate, or Advanced
MEAL PLAN:  Traditional Clean Eating and Vegan

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Those that have any doubt that MJ can empower and create change, the proof is in the results!!  I feel AWESOME every day!!!!


I had reached a point where I was at my heaviest.  Michele's positive attitude and gentle nudging keep me headed in the right direction.  The results have been amazing!

sandy sievert

One of my favorite things, when I would have a hard time, Michele never made me feel like it was something that was not expected and just kept encouraging me.  A big thing I’ve gained is self-confidence.


What I've learned was so very valuable and necessary.  I started on this journey with you out of a desperation to regain my health.  You have more than convinced me of the importance that nutrition plays along with a great workout schedule.  Thank you MJ, you are my hero!


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