No matter where you are on your journey, your next, first steps, are to discover the life-changing tools that can clear the chaos and streamline your efforts to achieve weight loss success.  My commitment to you is to guide, direct, and recommend the tools and resources I find that best support your weight loss win and help you experience optimal health.

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VEGA PROTEIN POWDER - My #1 Pick for protein powder.  It's the best tasting Plant-Based Protein on the market!!  Add effortless nutrition to your day with real plant-based food ingredients.  20 grams complete protein from a multi-source plant-based blend.  110-120 calories, 0 grams sugars.  Non-GMO Project verified, gluten-free, certified vegan, no artificial colors, flavors, or sweeteners.  Available in Several Flavors.

MARY RUTH'S LIQUID MULTI-VITAMIN - My #1 Pick for a liquid multi-vitamin.  Vegan & Non-GMO Liquid Multivitamin.  Made with Organic Ingredients.  Increased Energy & Stamina.  Stronger Immune System.  Improved Skin & Nails.  Healthier Hair.  Includes essential vitamins, minerals, and amino acids needed throughout your day.  Great taste and faster absorption with liquid.

GO NUTRIENTS VITAMIN B12 - My #1 Pick for a liquid B12.  Our body needs Vitamin B12 to function at its best, and without the necessary amounts of B12, our body’s ability to perform at optimal levels declines.  The lack of B12 can lead to low energy, fatigue, exhaustion, anemia, constipation, depression, poor memory, digestive issues, vision problems, and nerve damage.  (this product is made with Methylcobalamin - not cyanocobalamin) Great taste and faster absorption with liquid.

CELLUCOR CLA WEIGHT LOSS SUPPLEMENT - My #1 Pick for CLA. Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA) Supports healthy weight loss by giving you an extra edge when you're striving to lose weight.  It complements a healthy diet and exercise program to enhance your results.  CLA helps reduce body fat as it is a fatty acid that supports the body's ability to use the food you consume as fuel for activity.  CLA has also been shown to help maintain lean muscle mass during the weight-loss process, helping you stay toned as you slim down.  Cellucor CLA is a Non-Stimulant formula. stimulants aren't for everyone and COR-Performance CLA offers a stimulant-free formula to support your weight-loss goals.

A carefully-curated library of simple, nutritious, whole food recipes (1,072!), digital cookbooks, made-for-you meals plans, meal planning printables and healthy eating ideas all geared to different styles of eating and cooking — and conveniently indexed for easy searching!  Everything you need to spend wayyy less time in the kitchen and start enjoying meals you're proud to serve and excited to eat.


NUTRIBULLET - My #1 Pick for nutrient extraction.  Make healthy, nutritious drinks that can help you fight and prevent disease, lose weight, relieve joint pain, promote healthy, younger-looking skin, and even add years to your life.  Includes 1-year warranty.

NINJA MEGA KITCHEN SYSTEM - My #1 Pick for food blending and processing. Professional, Performance, and Power!  This professional-quality powerhouse handles limitless tasks in seconds. The MEGA Kitchen System is perfect for frozen blending, food processing and Nutrient and Vitamin extraction. Dishwasher safe. BPA free parts.

THRIVE MARKET MEMBERSHIP - My #1 Pick for quality organic products.  Thrive Market is an online retailer offering thousands of the best-selling healthy, natural products from your favorite brands at wholesale prices.  Excellent if you are looking for convenience.


BODYLASTICS MAX XT SYSTEM - My #1 Pick for at home or on-the-go training.  Bodylastics  Systems incorporate the best materials for the greatest durability.  Patented Anti-Snap Safety Design.  Stackable Resistance.  Guaranteed Professional Grade Quality.

SAMSUNG GALAXY WATCH ACTIVE 2 - My #1 Pick for a heart rate monitor+.  The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 is designed to help you learn more so you can achieve more. It goes beyond tracking steps and calories to offer actionable insights on everything from your running style to your heart rate.  Connect seamlessly via Bluetooth to your favorite apps so you can keep moving and a sleek, all-new design means you can wear the Galaxy Watch Active2 everywhere from the gym to the pool to your bed.

FITBIT SURGE SUPERWATCH - No matter your discipline, this watch records running, cycling, cross-training, and cardio, delivering detailed workout summaries with tailored metrics, intensity levels, and calories burned.  If you are not a Samsung person, this would be a good alternative.

REEHUT YOGA STARTER KIT - 6 PIECE SET - My #1 Pick for beginner At Home Yoga practice.  I know starting yoga isn’t always an easy venture; there are so many styles, so many poses and so many accessories that beginning can seem overwhelming.  That’s why recommend this handy kit.  This essential set has all the tools necessary to help you master the basic skills and improve and enhance your practice.


THE ULTIMATE FAT-BLASTING GUIDE - My #1 Pick for beginning a program. This is a great place to start if you are a beginner, been out of the loop as an intermediate or need a new challenge if you are more of an advanced fitness buff. It's a simple layout with easy-to-follow workout and meal plans that can be easily rotated and repeated for continued success.


MY YOGA WORKS - Get your all-access pass to 1,200+ premium YogaWorks classes, 30+ Journey Series collections to help you grow, working with 40+ professional YogaWorks teachers.  Two week free trial, continue for only $15/mo, cancel anytime.
Practice at your own pace whenever you have time. Take it on the go - tablet and mobile compatible.

ACTIVEWRAPS - My #1 Pick for Plantar Fasciitis pain relief.  Professional medical grade compress complete with two reusable 4.5" x 6.5" heat and ice packs. Targets pain area. Fully Customizable. Use on either left or right foot.

OSTER PROFESSIONAL MASSAGER - My #1 Pick for a massager.  Maximum Massage Action.  Heavy-duty, single speed, professional unit. Transfers soothing, relaxing movement through your fingertips. Great for general body as well as scalp use.  Rubber Hand Pad.

HOT/COLD BACK PAIN - My #1 Pick for hot/cold back therapy.  Excellent and affordable back pain relief ice pack.  A cold/hot therapy pad - soft gel reusable medical freezer mat for reducing back spasms.  Also relieves night sweats, hot flashes, back aches, sore feet, fever, restless legs, sunburn, and migraines.  Reduces swelling.

GAIA MEDITATION - Get connected to the universe and the force that unites us all by beginning or deepening your meditation practice. With these meditation yoga videos, you have a special opportunity to access unlimited peace and happiness that roots from within.

You want to be healthy.  But not the kind of “health” that comes from prescription bottles,
the latest drug your doctor suggested or the Band-Aid solutions that today’s healthcare system shells out.   Not that.  What you want is a holistic kind of health…the kind that goes deep down, fills you up with energy, and lets you not only function in your everyday life, but thrive.  It's time for change and the Herbs & Essential Oils Super Bundle is just that. 34 Complete e-Courses, e-Books, and Printables to give you the skills and confidence to use herbs & essential oils for staying healthy, supporting the body in illness, non-toxic cleaning, beauty & relaxation, and more.

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