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Today’s topic is all about Yoga During and After Weight Training. In our culture, everything happens at the speed of youth. Whether it’s phones, computers, songs, movies, books or opinions, it seems that only the newest models and latest releases matter. Whatever it is, if it’s been around for a while, it’s probably lost some value along with its straight-out-of-the-box-package luster.

You can practice the ancient arts nearly anywhere, anytime, to build your muscular strength and joint connections.

Today, we’ll dive into the 2 very specific schools of thought for incorporating a yoga practice (or at least a series of simple, do-any-where yoga postures) into your regular weightlifting routine.

First, you can perform several yoga-type stretches in between weight lifting sets at the gym or at home to increase flexibility and flush out lactic acid from hard-working muscles.

The second school of thought: Adding an actual yoga class or streaming online onto your weekly exercise schedule will help prevent injuries and add balance to your major muscle groups.


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In this episode of The MJ Show, we explore both philosophies and jump into several huge reasons why yoga is the perfect exercise complement for regular resistance training!

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So get on. Get Excited. And get on board with your wellness routine.

I’m so grateful for the generosity of your time, attention, and heart. More than you know.

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Michele Jamison
Michele Jamison

A National Body Transformation Champion, Certified Nutritionist, Body Transformation Specialist, Health & Life Coach, and CEO of Body By Mj. Michele will teach you how to shed excess body fat, get stronger, leaner, fitter, and break your own belief barriers so you can live your best life now. You will learn the step-by-step strategies she used to win a National Transformation Contest out of 3000 contestants and went on to build a coaching business repeating that success with one client after another worldwide.

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