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It’s not uncommon to lose several pounds and then suddenly find that those numbers on the scale have turned stubborn. They aren’t moving up, but they aren’t moving down either – in spite of your best efforts to be healthy.  When this happens it’s necessary to look for hidden sources of calories in your diet.


10 Limiting Beliefs To Let Go Of

Old or young, energetic and eager or the walking dead, everything about your body is simply an exterior reflection of how you feel inside.

Get Happy Now!

I've got several powerful take action steps you need, to become more aware of how you're feeling, and then take steps to feel better and better each day.

How To Kick The Sugar Habit

In this first episode of The MJ Show, we take a deep dive into the #1 question that fills my inbox, "How To Kick The Sugar Habit" and I'll share my Top 3 Tips for cutting down on sugar.

Life Lessons and Your Health

I'll share my How-To guide with some key principles that can be applied to your fitness and nutrition goals in an effort to help maintain focus and feed your determination. 

Carbs Don't Make You Fat

We'll attack the mumbo jumbo that "carbs make you fat", and I'll share my Top 5 tips for eating carbs, teach you that the key is eating the right types of carbs at the right time of day, and give you hope that you can eat carbs and stay trim.

9 Ways To Fight The Urge To Quit

I'll give you 9 Ways To Override The Urge To Quit so you can cross your finish line and taste victory!  

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